I’m no scientist but the lake water level rise is worrisome

Photo taken at Mundui House overlooking Oloiden Lake. 2021

Oloiden Lake is beautiful.

Till you get closer. Then, it gets eerie.

Numerous leafless, skeleton ‘Yellow Fever’ acacia trees tower hauntingly above the now merged Oloiden Lake and Lake Naivasha. The water is a bluish green, smelly and besides the sounds of hippos grunting, a ghostly silence prevails in the surrounding.

The water level has risen so high that it has literally submerged numerous hotels, campsites, holiday home properties around the area.

One of the sites that has been spared is a tower-like 8-roomed cottage called Dodo Tower at Hippo Point. The building precariously stands a meter or two away…

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

It may sound like this is some self-absorbed post. I’ve already written a story of what people don’t tell you about turning 40. But honestly, I told myself a few months back that some day I shall be an accomplished writer. This is part of that process. So forgive the belaboured topic and hope it will be worth the 4 minutes read.

I recently got on email to write weekly on WriteHere; — ‘a new space on Medium for writers looking for a creative spark’. …

Have you ever felt like you just love a startups idea so much that you feel like you want in your own small way to be a part of it? To give freely, some of yourself so that the idea can get a leg up to grow?

Well if so, you are one person who truly has a giving heart. Bless you!

They say, ‘Sharing is caring.’ Indeed, there is perhaps no better virtue than to care for another. …

Amboseli Sopa Lodge. Image: Teresa Lubano

You feel cheated. Forty came too quick.

You don’t want to admit to yourself that you are a grown-ass woman/ man. You slightly take offense when someone on the street calls you ‘Mathee’ or ‘Buda’.

How did you get this old?

Well, congratulation! You have reached the fourth floor.

On this day, your mood is somber. No euphoria — unlike the past birthdays.

You become pensive. Reflecting on whether you have achieved your life’s aspirations, career goals, financial freedom, built solid relationships and whether you’ve made an impact in society — or not.

The so called ‘accomplishments’ feels like a…

Mom at her banana farm in Trans-Nzoia, Kitale. Image: Teresa Lubano

Not sure if you have noticed, but lately the rains have been uncertain.

Particularly in Western Kenya where I come from, over the past couple of years, it’s like farmers are planting then waiting for rains with bated breath — unsure, whether the rains will be enough to see the seeds germinate.

I recently read on Digital Farmers Kenya, a farmer express their worry and frustration of this phenomenon and realized that I was not alone.

Yes, climate change is upon us.

Perhaps we need to now change tact. From holding our breaths — to looking for sustainable ways to…

Image credit: Anete Lusina

It all began with an idea.

We (the client) wanted a concept artistically represented. The theme was agreed upon. What we hoped for was for an artist to take forth the theme and create a piece of art.

We really would have done it in-house ourself but we honestly thought the project would have been done professionally by an expert; as he would spend time interpreting, crafting and executing the art piece to perfection. …

‘The Shamba’. Image: Teresa Lubano

It is on one of the very best pieces of elevated land one can find near Mt. Elgon. There are valleys, streams, micro forests. Teeming with an abundance of flora and fauna. It is not uncommon to still find virgin land in these parts. Perhaps this is the reason our coloniser’s saw it fit to name the larger province ‘The Rift Valley’ of Kenya.

About 10 kilometers from Kitale Town as one heads towards Endebess, you will find a little dusty road to your right. It is a semi-murram road that is called Kapomboi-Kapkoi road that will lead you up…

Here are 7 tips that can help you start your own e-commerce store. If you already have one, applying these tips can help you scale your webshop. Happy reading!

  1. Logistics is your business.

I started a company thinking that I would only be thinking about the products we are selling. Well shock on me.

4 years in, the pandemic struck, and we started seeing more conversions on-site than we had seen in months. Not only were orders coming from Nairobi, they were coming from across the entire country. …

You may have seen them on the highways of Kenyan urban centers or at estate hubs. From bus parks, to high traffic transit points, downtown, or within the CBD. The informal workers could be sweets and airtime salesmen/women, roadside tree/plant sellers, amateur music artistes, mama ‘fua’, herbalists, cobblers, unemployed citizens peddling made-in-China items to even fake art sellers. All have one thing in common. To sell their wares to by-passers and make a decent wage to survive the day.

At times, on high traffic points, one will not miss them, dangerously standing in the middle of the road peddling all…

Ngong Road, Nairobi. Image Credits: Teresa Lubano

Alarm goes off. You wake up. Dizzy.


You don’t want to, but you check your phone.

You have 42 unread emails. 3 missed calls. 100+ unread WhatsApp messages.

You ignore the phone.

Mind is racing. You have a gazzilion deadlines. Everything is urgent. You hit the shower as you do mental check on the days’ work, errands and chores. It’s Saturday but it may as well be Tuesday. The thought makes the head-throbbing intensify.

You drag your feet to the kitchen and open the pantry just to find that the last of the cornflakes you wanted to eat for…

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